2nd July 2012



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Polka Dot Ceramic Teapot Kettle Perfect For a Quick Cuppa

A kettle that means less teabag dunking and more making tea the traditional way

































Teapots often don't make an appearance when people are making a cup of tea unless they have plenty of time and for quite a few people. Instead the method of pouring the hot water into cups then messing about dunking teabags seems to be an increasingly common alternative to the good old fashioned teapot.


The polka dot ceramic teapot kettle is where traditional teamaking meets easy convenience. The teapot like all cordless kettles has an electric base so water can be boiled. It has a dry boil protection and the element in the teapot is concealed so it prevents limescale build up and damage. The capacity of the teapot kettle is 0.8 litre of water enough to fill approximately 3 to 4 cups.


The teapot is ideal for small kitchens, garden offices, caravans etc


 The Polka Detail Ceramic Kettle retails for £35 including UK delivery and can be ordered via www.vistore.co.uk






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