The client agrees;


To pay up front.


To consider what they are hoping to achieve from the press release and to make that quite clear to the writer.


To send any relevant information for the release in electronic format. ie. on a website, in an email or PDF's or word documents.


To send only relevant information for the release in a concise format. So for example book extracts, not an 800 page manual and expect the writer to read it all.


That the service is virtual in nature, so writers are not expected to meet up with clients.


That the writer will do one re-draft then only minor amendments after that.


To confirm to the writer that the release is approved by them for release.


To be the named contact on the release.


To receive a list of places the release was sent but not the media distribution contacts.


Accepts that a press release does not guarantee coverage in the media.


Clients are advised to make best use of the release by linking their press release page on pressreleaseservice.co.uk onto their own social media feeds if they have them and emailing it out to their own contact list.


The Writer agrees;


To contact the client after an order has been placed and discuss the release with them.


To write a press release after reading the information sent by the client.


To send a draft of the release for approval to the client.


To make any requested changes to the release.


To wait until approval before sending out the release.


To send the release to relevant contacts, that are appropriate for the release.


To send a list of places, to the client, by email of where the press release was sent.


Pressreleaseservice.co.uk agrees;


To make a page out of the press release and place the link on the Twitter feed unless stated otherwise.







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