22nd June, 2014 (Kent, UK)


Travel Management MD Launches Business Book to Mark 40th Year of Business


"Business travel management is a game of smoke and mirrors", according to Nigel Colley, MD of Sunways Business Travel Management in Longfield, Kent, UK and to celebrate Sunways’ 40 years in business, Colley is sharing his own 30 years’ experience with his first book, the self-explanatory ‘Tips to create a great corporate travel policy’.  








































Colley is an expert in getting the most out of businesses’ travel budgets and helping companies to shape their travel policy and travel and expense management.  


“The travel budget is one of the biggest expenses some companies have and yet there is sometimes a naivety about how money can be saved.” He said.  “Many travel managers are under greater pressure than ever to find innovative savings in their travel budgets and often the first place they see that the axe should fall is their travel management company fees.” Said Colley.


“That can be a simplistic approach. If you travel, say, London to Aberdeen every week then booking online can be best, but with complex or long-haul itineraries there is no doubt that a good travel management company will have better rates, and they save time as well as money.” He added.


“It is a very different world and different business to what it was 40 years ago. We have had to adapt and evolve.  I have seen a complete 360 degree turnaround on the internet as it has gone from a threat that everyone will book direct because it is going to be cheaper, to one where it is recognised that technology for technology’s sake comes with no service back up and there is no-one to help you when things go wrong." he said.


"The Ash Cloud Crisis frustrated many online bookers who had to hang on to airline phone lines for hours to try to make changes while our team had the inside edge and pursued options for our clients as they continued with their meetings,” he added.


As well as showing companies how to save money by formulating a corporate travel policy, Colley also offers advice from the insider’s perspective about questions companies should ask when appointing a travel management companies like his own to get the best deal.


The book is available on sale at Amazon - As a launch promotion, free copies can be downloaded for a 24 hour period 23rd June 2014 for a 24 hour period. 


Colley is also offering a personal consultation with businesses wishing to create or update their corporate travel policy.





Sunways Travel started 40 years ago when Colley’s father started the business with just a desk and a passion for travel in the Kent village of Longfield. He was soon also in demand from local businesses to make their travel bookings and the corporate travel was born.  


Nigel joined the business from school and is now MD of the thriving multi-million pound business in its own building in Longfield which consists of a boutique-style leisure travel agency and the Sunways Business Travel Management team.




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Nigel Colley, Managing Director, Call 01474 704976.  [email protected]





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