28th April 2009



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A Dream Flight With Jetsleeper®


















An innovative product by Jetsleeper means a “Good Flight’s Sleep” for passengers in economy class.


The Eureka moment for British inventor Tim Williams, came on a flight to Hong Kong, thousands of feet up in the sky, in the economy class section of the plane. Like everyone else aboard, except the lucky ones, who on boarding had turned left into First Class, he was experiencing the age old problem of trying to get to sleep, sitting almost upright in a narrow tourist class seat.


The problems are: Inflatable cushions push your head forward and press into your neckand diminish the blood supply to the brain; A beach ball on the tray in front of you gives you terrible indigestion, and the last option, the airline pillows, fall onto the floor. Not exactly ideal he thought.

It was then, rubbing his cricked neck that the first ideas began to take shape that have now been developed into a hot new product; The Jetsleeper!


The aim of the Jetsleeper is simple. A combination of Hook, Pillow, and a strap to the opposite armrest to allow a sleeping position in a semi reclined chair, that would be more comfortable and less likely for passengers to awaken in discomfort. Tim has designed a unique product that expands to five times its size and supports the head and neck.

A Velcro strip on the strap provides adjustment and quick release allowing you to easily leave your seat without disturbing the positioning of the pillow or those around you.




* A soft, cushioned fibre pillow rather than hard, air filled plastic

* Supports to your head and neck, keeping you up-right in the seat, not slumped over the aisle.

* Easy access to leave your seat and return to a comfortable nights sleep

* Adjustable height to fit your exact requirements.

* Comes in a pocket sized zip pouch, for easy carrying.

*  Lightweight, only 6 oz.

*  Available in two colours: Sky Blue and Valentine Red.


The genius of the Jetsleeper is it’s effectiveness and simplicity. Customers who have used the Jetsleeper have provided feedback that they had a very good sleep on their flight, which they believe has reduced the effects of jetlag. For Tim, the cricked neck on that flight to Hong Kong was worth the soreness, satisfied that he has provided a solution to a problem encountered by countless air travellers in economy class.


PRICE £20 plus £2.50 p+p




High resolution available on request.


CONTACT: Tim Williams, Jetsleeper®, 12 Chilterns Park, Bourne End

Buckinghamshire, SL8 5LB



Email: [email protected]

Phone: 07904655917


Note to Editor: Tim Williams is available for interview about his product. For business publications he is available as a case study on how to bring an invention to market. logo jetsleeper