28th September, 2014




The Wave Shave Club Are Smoothing Things Out!    


It takes a special kind of tool to give you the close shave your skin deserves and there is nothing quite like the feel of a Wave Shave. New start-up business The Wave Shave Club has taken razor buying to the next level and the hassle out of purchasing.

































There is nothing more frustrating than getting ready, only to notice your blades are overused and you forgot to buy new ones. The dynamic company has introduced a cost effective solution and it’s going UK-wide.


The unique service offers two, three or five blade razors and delivers up to four blades per month. Each month the same monthly payment will leave your account and on queue your brand new blades will arrive through the letterbox keeping you fresh, clean cut and well groomed.


Razor companies around the world have watched the rise in body shaving in men and the different blade options mean you can even have one type for the face and another for the body. The UK based business hasn’t forgotten the goddesses out there, and the site offers the same deal for the fairer sex too.


Every new member receives a free handle with the initial order - simply snap on the new blade when it needs replacing. The best bit is if you decide to switch or upgrade you are given a brand new compatible handle absolutely free!


Check out the site for all your smooth shaving needs and with a selection of three options you can choose the blade to suit your skin and pocket.


It’s simple, straightforward and delivered to your door - wave goodbye to rush trips to the shop and join today. Maintain your style and look with The Wave Shave Club.

Simple, Smooth, Sleek, Saviour to Shaving.


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