Web3Box CRM Delivers the New Invoice Automation Solution, Putting all Business Departments in Sync


25th January 2014, (USA)



Brand new Web3Box CRM sets focus on maintaining customer loyalty by means of efficient communication between accounting and sales


Newly launched Web3Box Customer Relationship Management (CRM) introduces today the Invoice Automation system, a CRM-integrated accounting management solution that synchronizes customer information with financial accounts. The product is now available in the United States and Europe and promises to facilitate better communication between accounting and sales departments.


The Web3Box CRM solution is a three-module system encompassing Sales Force Automation, Online Ordering System and Invoice Automation. The latter module is the accounting CRM, bringing together information from all channels in an integrated view. Particularly, it enables customer details to be synchronized in real-time with ongoing financial occurrences, balances, accounts payable, etc., while QuickBooks integration speeds up the process. This is a cloud application that loads on mobile devices. However, CRM-integrated data can also be downloaded and used outside internet range.


Research shows that the more a CRM software is perceived as easy to use, the greater the likelihood that such an application will be implemented and regarded as useful1. Web3Box developers have identified this view and made full use of it. “We realized that people want to be able to manage complex activities fast and simple. By synchronizing accounting, sales and customer data, the Invoice Automation module makes everybody’s job a lot easier. They can access centralized, real-time information on a user-friendly interface, without having special computer skills”, says Sorin Dinca, CEO at Web3Box.


Furthermore, the importance of CRM integration with invoice data is pointed out by Daniel Gheorghe, Chief Technology Officer who believes “it is necessary to integrate CRM into the concept of a business, because it adds strategic value. For example managers can view accounting and client reports and subsequently design marketing strategies to predict future outcomes, based on past occurrences. Alternatively, a sales rep can display commissions’ reports and create pressure as a consequence of unpaid invoices”.


About Web3Box Software, LLC


Web3Box is a software development company from Akron, Ohio, with over a decade’s experience in web and mobile development. Expertise areas cover all aspects of software architecture, from design and consultancy to complex database management. The company commits to leading programming standards, whilst keeping up with market and technological changes. Throughout the years, Web3Box Software, LLC has set particular focus on in-house development and unique product customization, which determined their competitive advantage on the Ohio software market.


Source: Web3Box Software, LLC


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