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13th January 2014, (London, UK) is the new online service and app which reveals the best colour clothes to match each person’s skin complexion, hair and eye colour making them look much more attractive.


People often splash out on expensive designer clothes to look more attractive, but colour is undoubtedly the key to looking great, as research shows that 62 to 90% of people make a subconscious judgement about a person based on colours alone within ninety seconds*.

Choosing the right colours to wear is tricky though, people are unique so suit different colours. As a guide through this minefield, have launched an easy online service for less than £5, where people simply click on a series of pictures selecting their own eye, hair and skin colour. The results show the best 20 colours from over 200 options as determined by a colour expert. A free app displays the colours as swatches on phones for shopping. So no more wasting hundreds of pounds on unsuitable clothes. They can try the online test before buying the results and get 10% off their order for a Facebook like or a Tweet. is an exciting new venture aimed to make people look great, save money and bring colour to their life. It is easy and fun . It offers the results within seconds for a fraction of the price of other colour consultations.


Why it’s the best buy


·It stops people collecting credit card receipts for clothes that don’t suit them.

·It makes everyone look younger, healthier, more attractive. It's about boosting confidence.

·Customers will stand out in their group - in a good way.

·Colour consultation is a tried and tested method that has been successfully targeted to women for many years.  A normal consultation costs £75. Our format offers an accurate service to both men and women for less than £5.

·You can eliminate 75% of potential clothes from your wardrobe.

·The colours given will match resulting in a harmonised choice of items.

·It cuts down returns to online stores.

·It will eliminate wardrobe apathy. Finding the correct colours renews interest in clothes.


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“I have totally re-evaluated my wardrobe, I cannot believe that finding my colours would have such an impact! has been my shopping partner ever since”. Frank Lia, Cardiff, UK (one of the few who have tested has been launched by Geoff Dixon to get 2014 off to a vibrant start. He himself hired a colour expert to change his life. Inspired by this, he started researching more about colour and its impact on people. He picked the brains of a colour specialist to generate the expert results. The online service is available worldwide.


*Source: CCICOLOR - Institute for Color Research


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