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5th November, 2015


New World War Two Quiz Book Released


World War 2 Quiz will show how much you know about the Second World War. WW2 quiz questions and answers.




































The World War 2 Quiz book is a collectionof ww2 quiz questions and answers that aims to challenge readers interested in military history with a range of questions, of varying difficulty level. Some questions are straight questions, others are multiple choice, and give the chance for an educated guess.


The quiz book by H.C Dilston is divided up into categories, these include;


Dunkirk, Battle of Britain, The Blitz, The War at Sea, Raf Bomber Command, The Desert, Occupied Europe, Eastern Front, Sicily & Italy, Hitler & the Nazis, Who Said What, D-Day and the Advance on Germany, War Against Japan, Persecution, and Tanks & Weapons.


Rather than just give one word answers, many are expansive answers which explain more about the answer, so even if you get a lot of questions wrong, by reading the fact filled answers you can learn a lot of interesting information about the war. The book is available in print and on Kindle on Amazon worldwide, other online book retailers and can be ordered in high street bookstores. Some sample questions are below.


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1. Approximately many British civilians were killed in the 8 months Blitz from September 1940 to May 1941?

a. 6,000 b. 14,000 c. 28,000 d. 43,000


2. At the Battle of Denmark Strait The Bismarck was first spotted by two British heavy cruisers which were named after which counties?


a. Surrey & Middlesex b. Yorkshire & Lancashire c. Norfolk & Suffolk d. Cornwall & Devon


3. How many Germans were taken prisoner of war by the Allies in the desert?


a. 13,000 b. 69,000 c. 98,000 d. 130,000


4. How did Charles de Gaulle, leader of the Free French Forces, escape to London from France?


a. By ship from Norway b. Royal Navy submarine on the Brittany coast c. Dunkirk evacuation d. By plane from Bordeaux


5. What was the first name of Messerschmitt, the German aircraft designer who created some of the Luftwaffe's planes?


6. T-26 and T-40 were tanks from which nation?


7. "The best argument against democracy is a five-minute conversation with the average voter."

a. Churchill b. Hitler c. Mussolini d. Stalin




1. d. 43,000. The final total of British & Commonwealth civilians killed during WWII as a result of enemy action was 67,092.

2. c. HMS Norfolk & HMS Suffolk spotted the Bismarck on the 23rd May 1941.

3. d. 130,000

4. d. By plane from Bordeaux. After hearing Marshal Petain planned an armistice with Germany, De Gaulle along with a few other senior officers escaped to the UK by plane with 100,000 gold Francs.

5. William, Willy, Will, Wilhelm

6. Soviet Union

7. Churchill



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